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We've taken over 25 years of our world renowned research from over 12,000 patients with ProstRcision® and put together a comprehensive, yet easy to understand guide called "Questions & Answers About Curing Prostate Cancer."

As with any cancer, you and your family members are faced with a challenging road ahead, and no doubt, countless questions and concerns. We believe the single most important thing you can do is to perform your own personal research on prostate cancer, including knowing all your treatment options, before making a decision.

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Why ProstRcision?

The two methods with the highest proven cure rate for prostate cancer are ProstRcision and radical prostatectomy. No other method offers the same cure rates. However, there are significant differences between these two procedures. With ProstRcision, we remove the cancer without damaging urinary muscles, so your existing level of urinary control does not change. And equally important, because nothing is cut with ProstRcision, sex nerves are spared, thus the vast majority of men maintain their sexual function. No wonder for over 30 years, more than 12,500 men from over 40 countries and all 50 states insist they are treated with ProstRcision.

ProstRcision® (pronounced PROS-ter-si-shun) is a technique for curing prostate cancer developed by Dr. Frank Critz in 1979. ProstRcision uses a combination of pinpoint irradiation by seed implants and conformal beam irradiation to destroy the prostate and the prostate cancer simultaneously from within. ProstRcision is the most successful proven method of curing prostate cancer and currently has an 83 percent cure rate. That percentage is based on patients’ PSA levels measured at 0.2 ng/ml ten years after they have been treated – the strictest definition of cure.

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  • Complete information about ProstRcision and how to determine if it's right for you.

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